"A master of the high style"
The Guardian
"Osborne writes mercilessly, savagely well..."
The Daily Mail

Hunters in the Dark

A Novel

“Elegant, stylish and ambiguous …Dramatic irony, used sharply by Osborne, keeps the narrative edgy and gripping…Written with unfailing precision and beauty.”—Neel Mukherjee, Man Booker Prize-shortlisted author of The Lives of Others “Osborne’s Cambodia is rendered… More


Poisoned Embrace

A Brief History of Sexual Pessimism

"Defining sexual pessimism as the "equation of sexual love outside the prerequisites of reproduction with death," and musing that it may be 'Catholicism's most eccentric trait,' Osborne ( Paris Dreambook ) offers a thoughtful, sometimes… More


The Naked Tourist

In Search of Adventure and Beauty in the Age of the Airport Mall

"When a neighborhood is described as 'seedy' by some Lonely Planet prude," Osborne (The Accidental Connoisseur) declares, "I immediately head there." But even the boldest of travel writers can become jaded by visiting locales that… More


American Normal

The Hidden World of Asperger Syndrome

"Osborne uses his considerable journalistic talents to interview a number of well-known … and some not-so-well-known people diagnosed with an enigmatic disorder known as Asperger’s Syndrome. … Recommended for readers at all levels." - K.… More